Posted by Chandler Townsend on 21st Feb 2014

My pibble is always so cold on foggy days and we have been looking for a little hoody type thing for him to wear. This was perfect, especially the logo :) The material is very soft, perfect for his sensitive skin. The size is great, because he is a big boy! I feel like the 2xl could fit anyone's larger breed dog though. Needless to say, we love it and so does he.




Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2014

Absolutely loved this hoodie. It fit my pup perfectly and the bright blue color when amazing with his fur color. Second hoodie I've gotten and I've loved both



Posted by Alexis on 16th Apr 2014

We absolutely adore UrbSub! This is perfect for my Sookie when she gets chilly or when she wants to look a little stylish! Keep it up you guys are awesome!






Posted by Patrick on 23rd Feb 2014


My wife is very passionate about the advocacy of pitbulls and this was the perfect gift for her. Not only was it a feat deal but She and my pitbull both love and look very cute in their new sweat shirts. And my wife is super excited to see what's in next months bully box!



":) AWESOME!" 

Posted by Megan on 24th Feb 2014

Loved everything in my bully box! I just love this company and what it stands for! :)


Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2014

It fits just as you would expect it too, and looks amazing. the graphic is wonderful, and the colors are so fun! Have gotten a bunch of comments on it already!



Posted by Julie on 5th Apr 2014

This is such a great hoodie. The colors were so bright and I just loved the message it speaks. The sleeves were long (which I love) and the inside was so soft. Overall my favorite hoodie ever!


Posted by Unknown on 29th Mar 2014

I am IN LOVE with this hoodie. It's super comfortable, has a nice loose fit, and the colors are so bright! I love walking my dog around when I have this hoodie on. Pittie pride =)



Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2015

love this seat cover, we are always taking my pitbull to the beach or park and had been using old sheets as covers. this is SO much better, very durable and traps the sand and dirt, really easy to hang around the head rests. love that it has the seat belt slits so a passenger could sit back with our dog.




Posted by Meagan on 27th Jan 2015

Within a day of putting this in my car, I went on a rainy day hike with my pitbull. It completely protected my back car seats from the wet and the mud! It also stayed in place, which prevented my dog from lifting up the cover and getting my seats muddy. The material is heavy duty and will last for a long time. Love it!




Posted by GFunk on 25th Oct 2014

This is a great cover for my seats. I have black leatherette seats and a white pittie. That is a recipe for disaster. I couldn't be happier with my cover. It arrived quickly and was a breeze to set up. My seats are saved and my pup and I are able to travel worry free. No more fear about holes in my seat. Thanks for a great product!